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Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

Now, if you'll forgive me, there's a lot to do here.

10 April
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(am :) Red. Tired. Sunburnt in winter. Dense. Decisively American. Luckier than I know. Most likely to owe you five hundred dollars. In ur thredz, undoin ur glitchiz. Currently snacking. Speaking with a Boston accent. Procrastinating. Missing the point. Doing it wrong.

(do :) Write. Read (with my left eye). Waste time. Argue (about nothing). Argue (about food). Vandalize walls with anti-war and pro-democracy sentiments; someone's got to do it. Not see the stars.

(love :) Red vs. Blue. Catch-22. Anything by Stephen King. The Colbert Report. The Daily Show. South Park. Curb Your Enthusiasm.

(love :) Simmons. Lopez. Grif. York. Delta. Tucker. Dunbar. McWatt. M2. Milo. Tappman. Major. Yossarian. Daneeka. Korn. Nately. Wintergreen. Appleby. Kenny. Kyle. Tweek. Wendy. Thomas. Nick Andros. Larry Underwood. Tom Cullen. Richie Tozier. Eddie Kaspbrak. Mike Hanlon.

(love :) AC/DC. Aerosmith. Bob Dylan. CCR. The Doors. Guns N' Roses. Kamelot. Led Zeppelin. Lynyrd Skynyrd. Movits. Stephen Colbert (yes, he does do music). U2. Van Halen.

(love :) Grif/Simmons. (Do I love only one pairing? Yes. It's because Grif/Simmons is the only pairing.)

(love :) Massachusetts. New England, especially when the leaves turn. Coffee. Having nothing to do. Having everything to do. Deadlines. Yellow and black plaid. Snow. Snowdrifts. The jokes that offend you. Mint chocolate. (My) cats. Cats again (for good measure). Dogs. Cheating Death with Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. Snacks, even though I shouldn't. Snacks, even though I should. Coca-Cola - a tall glass - three ice cubes. Good Nazis or a dead Hitler. Blackout curtains. Hot water in a functional shower. When the real air is colder than the conditioned air. A hammock. Triple Stuf Oreos. Monday night.

(love :) You guys.

(can't stand :) The bands that you like. Wind in winter. The dark. Republicans. Direct sunlight. Spiders. Making phone calls. Getting phone calls. Dog people. Planes. Tech support from India, the Philippines, or some other country that isn't mine. A waste of money. Cyclops smileys. The South (you knew it was coming). A million little things that otherwise don't matter.

(care about :) Life. Death. You know: the important stuff.

(need :) Some time off. More snacks. A lock. (The essentials.)

(don't believe in :) Long-sleeved T-shirts. History. Truthiness. Freem. The game. Money. Your God. Blake!fail.