Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

Now, if you'll forgive me, there's a lot to do here.

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 There's a fiftieth-anniversary edition of Catch-22 out, you guys. THERE'S A TIMELINE IN THE BACK. I CANNOT EVEN DEAL WITH ITS EXISTENCE.

Got my braces off. Hurt like hell. Ate a ton of caramel because fuck everyone.

Decided to go to college in Canada if Boston won't have me. My friends are suddenly on board with this. We're going to invade that country, try to Americanize it, fail, and end up pronouncing "about" like fools forever. This is a prophecy.

I have a delicious MacBook Pro that I'm afraid to use for more than a few hours at a time. My last laptop melted. Ye-eah.

There are longer, more interesting stories hiding somewhere in my head, but I don't really like any of them. I have no one to talk to, or I'd have perfected the storytelling already and could retell it expertly here. So talk to me, and I swear I'll try not to make it about Colbert and RvB if you don't care about them. -nod-

Also, if anybody's read anything that feels like Catch-22 or my new best friend Fight Club, please, God, tell me what it is; I'm dyin' over here.

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my new best friend Fight Club

laksdfhfakkld have you seen the movie? (not implying that it's superior to the book, which i haven't read yet, but it is pretty fucking incredible.)

the only thing i've read recently is never let me go, which feels not much like catch-22 and a whole lot like sobbing helplessly into a throw pillow at 2 a.m. before making a fanmix to ease the pain because you just wanted all the characters to be happy and in love and together and less dead

also i'm jealous of your new mWAIT A SECOND YOU HAVE A MAC.

this has been an i-miss-jenny-and-will-therefore-ramble-on-more-than-i-should lj comment.

I haven't seen it yet! -flail- I'm trying to get my father to watch it with me. I don't really know why that seems like a good idea, but he's seen it, and I made him drive pretty far to get me the book, so. Yeah. -cough-

I don't know; that sounds kind of like Catch-22 to me. (I have this new tendency to take things I love, read or watch them repeatedly, then cry like crazy because suddenly they're sad.)

It's so shiny. 8DDD The keyboard is the best fucking part. I can type twice as quickly...not that I'm using it for much more than a "reblog" button, but it's the principle of the thing.



also the reason why we never talk is because SOMEONE doesn't publish my asks on tumblr
you h0r.


Maybe you missed it. I said something like, "Are you happy now, Ky-la?" but it's rhetorical, because you must be.

Because that's how Canadians sound. 8D

Well, it's more like "aboat," but I do not care. :D

I'm just going off what South Park taught me! DX

Actual Canadian accents are slightly more subtle and ten times more hilarious. [/fact]

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